A truck in the darkening woods, the echo of a rifle shot; sun blasting on an oil rig; the light behind a door; stiletto heels on a newly finished floor. Brian Kelly’s solo project, The Story of You, takes us on a journey through the physical landscape of a search for the missing you. The work is eerie, tense, wry, unsentimental and alive with restless energy.
— Edith Meeks, Executive and Artistic Director, HB Studio

The Story of You is a series of monologues, a self-portrait in seven parts, written and performed by Brian Kelly. Memory and emotion are triggered and amplified by live sound as Kelly reflects on and recreates moments from his life: a fatherless childhood, finding work and freedom on an offshore oil-rig, a night spent in a Paris hotel room with Jean Michel Basquiat, playing CBGB, and the peril of young love in New York City. A work of improvisation and constant revision, The Story of You (dir. Eric Michael Gillet) features sound design by Jun Mizumachi and live performances by Irman Peck, and early versions of the show have been performed at Brown University and HB Theater in New York City.