A Dream Play (Strindberg) Blindman, Glazier, Father Shapiro Theatre, NYC
Second Seat Marcus Jennings Hudson Guild Theatre, NYC
Red Roses and Muriatic Acid Gaetani (lead) Hudson Guild Theatre, NYC
Good Company Jack B. Nimble Davenport Theatre, NYC
Betrayed By The Mind Dr. White & Moviegoer #1 Roy Arias Theatre, NYC
The Story of You Brian Kelly Philadelphia Fringe, PA; HB Studio, NYC
Good Night Sally Thomas Jefferson (lead) dir. Alexandra Nyman
The Beginner Les (lead) dir. Helen Schreiner
The Beggar's Glass Crass (lead) dir. Joshua Mark Vigil
Things We Don't Talk About Professor Wagner dir. Katherine Fana
Moreese Policeman dir. Michael Holland
Pitbull Anthony Mathieson dir. Chris Walczyk
The Rod Store owner (lead) dir. Chris Arnold
Lydia's Last One Theo (lead) dir. by Darina Sikmashvil
Running on Empty Gus (lead) dir. Rose Haag
Paradise Dreaming Gordon (lead) dir. David Dickerson
The Other Side Cole (officer) dir. Jung Chen
Mutus The Mute (lead) dir. Aizhan Tuganbayeva
New Year Policeman dir. Jiawei Cheng
As I Wake Up A Man dir. Julie Angelo
The Interrogation Detective Jay dir. Kevin St Pierre
Kirsten Ellis ‘Pop’ Arnesen dir. Cristhian Andrews
One Second Changes Everything Policeman dir. Cristhian Andrews
Six Degrees of Murder Michael Connors dir. Andrea de Brito


Prior and ongoing study with Austin Pendleton, Michael Beckett, Amanda Quaid, and Eric Michael Gillet.


Musician (guitar and piano), songwriter, singer, film scoring.
Painting, sculpture including foundry work (mold-making and casting).
Sports: tennis, baseball, long distance running, skiing, and skating. Motorcycle license.